Lunch Menu in Spain: «Hecho en casa»?

In Barcelona you see a lot of bars and restaurants who advertise home cooked meals with starter, main, dessert, drink and coffee for under 10€.

«hecho en casa», «fet a mà», «casero»…are just a few of the many lines they use.

If have inquired a bit and found the following interpretations.

Some places use the word homemade, when they just have a kitchen, where they heat up their cans on a stove. It seems to make them think they can advertise their industrial food as homemade.

Other places get industrial dried food, where you just add water, milk or others. The act of dirtying several dishes and investing some time and their food is called homemade.

And others again get frozen industrial dishes or packed finished meals. Just heat the whole plastic packet in hot water or microwave.

What is homemade?

I think homemade is made from the most natural ingredients in the most possible original state. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh whole meat (not precut), fresh whole fish.


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