Why is it so hard to beat Nespresso?

I have been doing research for a while, trying to find the reason why Nespresso is so loved all over the world. In the past I never could drink it straight without milk or sugar the taste was just.. not great at all.
My specialty coffee teacher told me that Nespresso buys old green beans, that -because of their age- have no taste anymore and cannot be used under normal circumstances, because these beans carry no flavor.
Meanwhile on the Nespresso webpage they only talk about flavor and aroma. 23 different taste directions for now, not included the «artificial» aromas like vanilla. How come they manage to do what no one else seem to be able? Consistency. I have to admit.. Nespresso capsules always taste the same. Exactly the same. How come? I have bags of single origin coffee and every time I roast them, they taste slightly different. Every time I make a coffee, it tastes different.


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