Why you don’t want to buy coffee capsules..



Sounds good, but in the end it is only the city administration that bans to buy capsules for its workers. Nevertheless, several millions of euro, that don’t go to capsules, but to real coffee in grains.

Everybody should do it. Why? Besides the yearly aluminium waste equivalent to around 33.000 cars, biodegradable capsules are not better. The energy used to create every single capsule and it’s packaging is equally bad.

If that is not an argument, surely the price is. Usually there is 5,5 g to 6,5g of coffee in a capsule, you pay per capsule between 0,36€ to 0,46€ depending on «flavour».

Makes a price per kg between 55€ (cheapest 6,5g option) to to 84€  per KILO!

Has anybody really considered these prices? Compared to that 8,90€ for a 250g bag of freshly roasted specialty coffee is a bargain!

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